Remember the Projector Terms and Conditions


Within the conditions laid out below, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

‘RTP’ means Remember the Projector Ltd.

‘The RTP Website’ means any and all websites owned or operated by RTP.

‘User’ means the person, firm, company or any body that make use of any service supplied by RTP including, but not exclusively the RTP website.

‘Materials’ means all content found within an RTP publication, production or website including, but not exclusively button icons, interfaces, images, software, illustrations, video clips, audio clips, and other video and audio files.

‘Trademarks’ means any and all trade names, trademarks, service marks and logos, as well as any other item commonly known as a trademark.

‘Public Submissions’ are defined as any content or materials uploaded to RTP by a user, via any forum, or other submission method found on an RTP website (unless said forum, or other submission method is specifically marked as privet), or content and materials sent in an e-mail that is marked out as public by the user in anyway; content and materials found in e-mails that is not marked as public will be assumed private and will be subject to RTP’s Privacy Policy. Such content includes but is not limited to, any notes, reviews, bulletin board postings, ideas, suggestions, concepts, artwork, photographs and sound and video files.

Website Terms of Use

Before using this website, please read the following Terms of Use carefully. By visiting the RTP website you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use. Please note that without notifying you RTP may, in our sole discretion, change, modify these terms of use. With that in mind, please review these Terms of Use whenever using the RTP website. You will be deemed to have agreed to any modifications to the Terms of Use by accessing and using the RTP website.

1.1 Registration and Passwords

No public areas of the RTP website require registration. However using some links on the RTP website can take you to exterior websites, such sites may require registration and / or a password.

2.1 User ‘Public Submissions’ and Conduct

The RTP website may enable users to make ‘Public Submissions’ to be viewed or shared by other users. Any ‘Public Submissions’ will become the property of RTP and can be used without restriction, at anytime, in any form by RTP throughout the world. RTP reserve the right to edit any ‘Public Submissions’ at it sees fit and is not obligated to use any ‘Public Submissions’ made. Users accept that they are solely and fully responsible for the content of any ‘Public Submissions’.

2.2 ‘Public Submission’ Guidelines

By uploading a ‘Public Submission’, users agrees to the following guidelines:

  • All ‘Public Submissions’ are the property of the user, or the user must have permission from the owner of the content before uploading said content to RTP.
  • Users ‘Public Submissions’ must not infringe any third-party rights, including, but not limited to, copyright, trademark, publicity, or privacy rights.
  • Users ‘Public Submissions’ are not fraudulent, libellous, defamatory, harassing, abusive, threatening, racially offensive, offensively directed towards people based on their gender or sexual orientation or be otherwise objectionable. If there is any question as to what constitutes objectionable material under these Terms of Use, RTP is the final arbiter of what does or does not constitute objectionable material.
  • User ‘Public Submissions’ are not be harmful to minors in any way.
  • User ‘Public Submissions’ must not advertise or solicit funds.
  • User ‘Public Submissions’ must not use the RTP website to advocate or offer instructions as to illegal activities or to violate any applicable laws.

Any ‘Public Submission’ to RTP that is in violation of the guidelines set out in this Terms of Use will be considered a material breach of said terms of use. RTP will not use any ‘Public Submissions’ that are found to be in violation of these guidelines and will cooperate fully with any law enforcement officials and/or agencies in the investigation of any violations. As a result of any violation of the ‘Public Submission’ guidelines by a user, RTP reserve the right to immediately and without prior notice terminate the right to access of said user to any RTP website.

Users of the RTP website further agree that they will not circumvent our security features, corrupt any content or files on, or obtained from the RTP website, interfere with or in any way disrupt our service or servers, or networks connected to our service or servers, or otherwise violate any applicable law or regulation or these Terms of Use.

3.1 Materials found on the RTP Website

Users of the RTP website understand that some content or materials found on the RTP website could be considered offensive and not suitable for children. Materials and Content found on the RTP website could contain fictional dramatisations or in some cases, non–fictional documentary footage of adult content and themes including, but not limited to, scenes of, depictions of, textual content and reference to:

  • Violence
  • Sexual violence
  • Offensive language
  • Nudity
  • Sex and sexual acts
  • Drug taking
  • Criminal acts

RTP will endeavour to try and post warnings proceeding especially offensive content, however RTP are not obligated in any way to post such warnings. Users understand that they view or otherwise use the RTP website, and materials or content therein, at their own risk.

3.2 Ownership of Materials on the RTP Website

All the materials published or otherwise incorporated on the RTP website are owned exclusively by RTP or by others that have licensed their materials to RTP. These materials are therefore protected by copyright, trade secrets, or by other proprietary rights. Users are not permitted to copy, download, upload, modify, reproduce, transmit, delete, add to, distribute in any way, or otherwise use materials for any purpose. Please note there is one exception to this rule; Users are permitted to download Rate Cards from the RTP website, however said Rate Cards are still protected by copyright, trade secrets, or by other proprietary rights. Users breaching these terms will be considered to be committing copyright piracy and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law by RTP.

3.3 Trade Marks on the RTP Website

Any trademarks that appear on the RTP website are owned by RTP or others that have licensed their use to us. These Trademarks may not be used in any manner without the prior written consent of their respective owners.

3.4 Linked Sites

The RTP website provides links to other websites for your enjoyment. Please note that any access by the user of other websites through such links are at their own risk. RTP are not responsible for any material or content available through those sites whatsoever, and do not review, endorse, or control said materials or content. RTP do not accept responsibility for any Trojan horses, viruses, or any other potentially destructive items those sites may contain.

3.5 Disclaimer

By visiting or otherwise using the RTP website you the user expressly agree that:

  • Use of the RTP Website is at your, the users own risk.
  • You the user understand that RTP are not responsible for your use of any content or materials found on the RTP website or through any link found on the RTP website.
  • Content and Materials found on the RTP website are offered “As is” and without warranties of any kind, either implied or expressed, including, without limitation, fitness for particular purpose, implied warranties of merchantability, or non–infringement. Some jurisdictions do not permit the exclusion of implied warranties.
  • Each of the RTP and RTP website’s licensees, officers, directors, shareholders and employees, shall not be liable in any way for any and all injuries, actions, claims, liabilities, damages, losses, costs or expenses, including reasonable outside attorneys' fees, arising as a result of your or your child's use of the RTP Website.

Guarantee of the availability of service on the RTP website can not be made by RTP and RTP reserve the right to change, withdraw, suspend or discontinue any feature of functionality on the RTP website at any time.

RTP will not be responsible for any incidental, indirect, consequential, exemplary, or special damages, even if we have been advised or have constructive knowledge of the possibility of such damages.

RTP reserves the right to monitor, edit or delete any ‘public submissions’ made to the RTP website, but it not obligated to in any way what so ever and as such RTP disclaims any responsibility for ‘public submissions’ made to any area what so ever of the RTP website or via e–mail to RTP. Any views or opinions sated within ‘public submissions’ by any user of the RTP website are not representative of the views or opinions of RTP. With that in mind RTP do not seek to limit any views or opinions of any user of the RTP website.

RTP does not grantee that all content or materials viewed, or otherwise used on the RTP website are appropriate or available for use in all countries.


4.1 Infringement and Regulatory Complaints

RTP respect the rights of others to their intellectual property and will corporate fully in any way deemed necessary with law enforcement austerities. RTP will comply with any judicial order requesting or directing it to disclose information regarding anyone downloading or uploading content or materials to or from the RTP website or via e-mail, or other wise in violation of applicable laws through use of any kind of the RTP website.

If you believe that content or materials of any ‘public submission’ by users, or any other content or materials found on the RTP web site infringes upon your proprietary rights, including copyright, pleases notify RTP via e-mail using the following address: , or via letter to our registered company office (address found at the bottom of this page) and RTP will promptly respond to any such notice and will endeavour to remove, or disable access to said content or materials implicated in infringement of your rights or the rights of others.

When contacting RTP to notify them of an infringement you must provide the following information:

  • A signature, either physical or electronic, belonging to the person owning the copyright, or a person authorised to act on the behalf owner of the copyright of the work you claim has been infringed.
  • A description of the material or content you claim is infringing and as much information regarding it’s location as is practical, to make finding it as easy as possible.
  • Your contact details, including address, telephone number and if available, e-mail address.
  • A statement in which you contest you good faith belief that the materials or content you claim to be infringed is not authorised for use on the RTP website by its copyright owner, its agent or the law.
  • A statement that all information contained within the notice of infringement sent by you is accurate, and under penalty of perjury, that you are authorised to act on behalf of the owner of the rights of the material or content you allege to be infringed.

5.1 Privacy

Any information of a private nature submitted by you the user to the RTP website via any form of submission is subject to our privacy policy.

6.1 Miscellaneous

Users are solely responsible for compliance with all applicable laws of the jurisdiction from which you are accessing the RTP website. If any part of these Terms of Use, at any time are declared unenforceable, void or invalid then any reaming Terms of Use will remain in full force and effect and should be interpreted as closely as possible to the manner in which they were written. If any dispute arises between you and us regarding these Terms of Use, the dispute will be governed by the law of England and Wales and subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. These Terms of Use set forth the entire agreement regarding all of the matters contained herein and should supersede all prior agreements or negotiations concerning the subject matter of these Terms of Use.

Privacy Policy

The RTP website is open to the public and has been established so the public and clients can learn more about and interact with RTP. Any user can visit this RTP website anonymously, and RTP are committed to safe guarding the privacy of all users of our websites. With that in mind, the following policy explains what personal information may collect for whatever reason, and how such information will be treated. Please note that without notifying you RTP may, in our sole discretion, change, or modify this Privacy Policy. With that in mind, please review Privacy Policy whenever using the RTP website. You will be deemed to have agreed to any modifications to this Privacy Policy by accessing and using the RTP website.

1.1 Cookies

If the you the user’s internet browser has cookies enabled, then RTP may use statistical information gathered by the user’s internet service provider to measure site activity, to improve the RTP website’s effectiveness and to improve user’s experience of the RTP website.

2.1 Personal Information Collected

In some cases users will be required to register in order to assess or participate in certain parts of the RTP website; in such cases RTP will collect some personal information form you the user to facilitate registration. When being asked to supply personal information a link will be supplied to this Privacy Policy and you will have to confirm that you the user have read said policy before being allowed to complete registration.

2.2 User Changes to Personal Information

Users may edit, change or delete personal information stored by RTP; please note deleting personal information will constitute un-registration from services that require it and you the user will no longer be able to access said services, re-registration is permitted at any time. Users may request to view any information collected and stored by RTP at any time. RTP may charge a reasonable admin fee for providing such information.

2.3 How RTP Uses Personal Information Collected

RTP’s primary reason for collecting personal information is to fulfil the service requirements of the users and to improve the services provided on the RTP website for the users via statistical analysis, however in some cases personal information will be used to enforce violations of the RTP website’s Terms of Use (found above).

3.1 Sharing of Information

RTP will never sell trade or rent users personal information to others. RTP will not provide personal information to any third party, with one exceptions:

  • If a service is provided in conjunction with a third party then it maybe necessary to share personal information with said third party in order to facilitated that service. RTP will make it clear when personal information is about to be shared with a third party and RTP will not share personal without users consent.

RTP may share statistical information with a third party regarding user’s use of the RTP website; said information will never be of a personal nature.

4.1 Consent

By visiting or otherwise using the RTP website you the user gives their consent to the collection of information for the purposes specified and expressly agree with the terms of this policy.

5.1 Disclaimer

RTP are committed to protecting the privacy of the RTP websites users, or users of any of RTP’s services; RTP does take action to protect users personal information and takes steps to ensure the security of its own systems, however RTP cannot guarantee the security of any information collected or stored by RTP.



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